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The SSD-8 is a new product in a familiar package. Interface your patching and split system via the industry standard LK multipin connector and you are ready to rock! The durable Neutrik™ brand ABS XLR connectors decrease the weight and space requirements of the system, leaving more space above the connectors for your favourite brand of tape.

The ONEstage ‘SSD-8’ is designed to be a highly versatile multipin stage box for use on demanding touring and festival stages as well as TV and recording studios.

The highly modular design of the SSD-8 allows the user to quickly and easily modify the I/O configuration, depending on its intended use. The high-quality LK brand multipin connector is wired to our very own PCB based XLR module using ‘phoenix’ style 3pin plugs. This allows the user to swap one, or all of the XLR receptacles for male plugs or non-latching female connectors. The included blanking plate facilitates the addition of a throughput connector or replacing the multipin connector with a wired lead altogether. The solderless nature of the connectors is a quantum leap forward in terms of modularity and serviceability.

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