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Designed for excellent all-around voice applications, the ND76S capsule is precisely tuned to deliver crisp, clear and balanced vocal presence, as well as superior isolation from sound on the stage.

The ND76S dynamic capsule contains a large Mylar diaphragm which delivers a rich and detailed frequency response by combining its large surface area for tonal balance with its low-mass high-velocity material for exceptionally fast transient response.

The ND76S features an innovative capsule shock-mount system consisting of a 4-point suspension around the circumference of the capsule combined with a tuned pneumatic pump at the capsule base, offering superior handling noise reduction to eliminate mechanical vibrations and noise in the mix.

The ND76S capsule uses a humbucking coil that attenuates AC hum and electromagnetic interference. ND dynamic mics can be used with confidence near speaker cabinets and EMF generating equipment racks.

The ND76S Memraflex grille is made of a durable tight-mesh grille wire that withstands extraordinarily-rough treatment. Your microphone remains protected and looking good gig-after-gig, year-after-year.

For additional protection, the ND76S capsule contains a hydrophobic cloth membrane which prevents moisture and debris from reaching the diaphragm.

The ND76S near-silent on/off switch allows the user the convenience of turning on and off the mic as needed. The on/off switch can be locked into the on position by using a flat head screwdriver to rotate the set screw 90º either clockwise or counterclockwise.

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