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The BeesNeez Judas has already become an international favorite. Finally, a ribbon microphone that sounds amazing and doesn’t cost a bag of silver.

For decades, experienced engineers and artists have turned to ribbon microphones for their realistic sound and incredible warmth. The BeesNeez Judas sets the new modern standard at great price without compromise.

Like many of it’s predecessors, the BeesNeez Judas has a clear and flat frequency response, the output is a little hotter than most though due to the superiority of great modern components that were not available during the height of ribbon popularity.

Until now, ribbon microphones of this quality have been priced far beyond mere mortals. The BeesNeez Judas will outperform, outlast and impress even the most critical customer.

The entire BeesNeez Judas is made in our Australian factory, starting with brass rod, we turn and mill the body using our 8 axis CNC Turning Centre. Every ribbon is cut and pressed to exacting standards ensuring the best possible result, every time.

The BeesNeez Judas is at home recording Brass and Wind instruments, guitar cabs and sounds stellar as a room mic or drum overhead. The clear and flat frequency response makes the mix phase a dream by remaining punchy and defined in the mix with minimum post processing.

Our many hours of research and development will bring to you many years of amazing sounds.

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