iSK SKSE113 Thin Condenser Microphone Shockmount

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This package of iSK SKSE113 microphone shockmount and pop filter significantly reduces unwanted noise from your recordings.

The iSK SKSE113 microphone shockmount is designed to absorb vibrations from the floor and air, allowing a cleaner reproduction of sound, and the pop filter reduces sounds that usually "pop" like P and B sounds in vocals.

Suits thin 'pencil' style condenser microphones with a diameter between 11mm and 20mm.
The shockmount screws onto any regular mic stand and boom (5/8" thread).

Get nice and clean recordings with this package deal from Swamp


  • Suits thin 'pencil' style condenser mics
  • Attaches to all standard microphone stands and booms
  • Improve sound quality and clarity
  • Minimize sound editing time by addressing the source of noise


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