Line Audio CM3 Small Diaphragm Condenser Microphone

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New version '12-52V' handling 135dB@0.5% (clipping at >140dB), introduced nov 2011.

Now available from Soundtown - these mics have taken the world by storm and are being compared to some very reputable microphones with thousand dollar price tags.

Demo units are now available to hire from Soundtown - if you like them, we'll refund most of the hire fee against your CM3 purchase.

This little microphone has a natural, detailed and balanced response. Perfect for natural
reproduction of acoustical instruments such as members of the bowed and plucked string-families, grand piano, brass, percussion, overhead choir and voice -with a minimum of colouration. The response is smooth and flat even at an angle!
The CM3 is tough enough to handle drums with full depth and punch, drum overhead clearly and crisp without strain. It even handles amplified instruments! A true allround microphone!

It's suitable for professional studio and PA use, with a pricetag at the hobbyist level!
It's very small size (about the same as a normal XLR plug) makes it easy to place, without being in the way. Its size and black colour makes it close to invisible on stage. Delivered in a plastic case with foam windsheild and microphone holder (clip).

During manufacturing each capsule is measured, selected and trimmed by us to close tolerances. Out of range capsules are rejected. This in combination with the internal circuitry, results in a response with a unique flatness. These are quality microphones made for demanding situations.

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