Heritage Audio 73JR 500-Series Mic Preamp and DI

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Heritage Audio 73JR 500-Series Mic Preamp and DI
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Heritage Audio brings us yet another beautiful piece of audio engineering in the form of the '73JR 500 series preamp.

Following the success of it's big brother, the 1073/500, the new Heritage Audio '73JR is a mic/line preamp in a single 500 series slot with some added features including a discrete class A high pass filter and all discrete class A JFET di.

Employing only discrete circuitry and conventional components, the ’73 junior is a faithful 3 stage all class A 1073 preamp. Styroflex and tantalum capacitors have been used throughout. No corners were cut.

A useful all discrete class A hi pass filter has been added, essential for recording everything with the exception of probably kick drum and and bass.

The Line mode allows for reamping of prerecorded tracks and it´s perfect for adding some class A color to lifeless recordings.

The smart switched DI (automatically switches from MIC to DI mode when inserting a MONO ¼” jack ) is an all discrete class A JFET circuit ahead of the MIC transformer, so all the juice is there.

So how did Heritage Audio manage to get a +24v module work in a conventional +16v 500 series rack frame? - Special care has been taken with power handling, implementing internal +24v slow turn on regulation (about 20 seconds to reach full voltage ).This makes your lunchbox PSU healthier and makes the 73JR independent of the rest of the slots.


The Heritage Audio '73JR is setup  and ready for action in the  Soundtown showroom, come and see what all the fuss is about.

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