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Our team of system designers and installers are some of the most highly qualified in WA. Some of Perth’s best sounding installed PA systems have been designed and set up by us, or one of our many partners throughout the state.

We pride ourselves on the quality of the equipment we supply and install. We DO NOT use counterfeit products. We ALWAYS use the products that best suit the venue. Not only that, we realise that operator training is ESSENTIAL – a fact which our competitors often conveniently overlook.

Our most popular brands for live music venue installation include:

– Nexo, RCF, d&b Audiotechnik, Quest & QSC speakers and line array modules
– Lab Gruppen, Camco, QSC & Quest amplifiers
– Midas, Allen & Heath & Presonus mixing consoles
– DBX & Dolby Lake processors and outboard equipment
– Sennheiser, Shure & AKG mics
– Amphenol, Neutrik, Canare, Eurocable and Mogami cabling & connectors
– and everything else that SOUNDS GOOD and IS RELIABLE

We also cater for the cafe / restaurant / background music installation market as well.
We can provide solutions including:

– In-ceiling speakers
– Wall / Corner speakers
– Outdoor / weatherproof speakers
– Integrated iPod / iPad / computer connectivity for ease of use
– Multiple zone volume control
– Audio sent over your existing cat5 network
– and MUCH more . . . . .