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Soundtown is owned and operated by world-class audio engineers and music industry professionals and as a result provide a better-sounding alternative for musicians, producers, DJ’s and recording enthusiasts who are looking for PA and studio equipment.

For too long in Perth, the Pro Audio market has been handled by the general musical instrument stores, who lack the knowledge and experience to provide the best solutions for their clients. The owners and staff at Soundtown take pride in their products and services, and provide solutions that not only sound great, but have also been proven extremely reliable and are real-world industry-ready.


Soundtown offers hire-before-you-buy options on a range of studio products. Some of the advice and reviews going around on the internet from so-called ‘experts’ and ‘bedroom bloggers’ may or may not be accurate, or may have alterior-motives that many online buyers simply don’t consider.

It may also be that a product (say, a microphone) which everybody raves about simply doesn’t suit the sound of your voice / guitar / piano / etc. We enjoy hearing our client’s results and give constructive feedback on your recording techniques. We can offer expert advice to YOU to get the most out of your studio setup and provide a wealth of knowledge on mics / preamps / acoustics / recording / mixing techniques.