Our Services

Our services include:

Audio Equipment Sales

Soundtown is owned and operated by world-class audio engineers and music industry professionals and as a result provide a better-sounding alternative for musicians, producers, DJ’s and recording enthusiasts who are looking for PA and studio equipment.

For too long in Perth, the Pro Audio market has been handled by the general musical instrument stores, who lack the knowledge and experience to provide the best solutions for their clients. The owners and staff at Soundtown take pride in their products and services, and provide solutions that not only sound great, but have also been proven extremely reliable and are real-world industry-ready.


Soundtown offers hire-before-you-buy options on a range of studio products. Some of the advice and reviews going around on the internet from so-called ‘experts’ and ‘bedroom bloggers’ may or may not be accurate, or may have alterior-motives that many online buyers simply don’t consider.

It may also be that a product (say, a microphone) which everybody raves about simply doesn’t suit the sound of your voice / guitar / piano / etc. We enjoy hearing our client’s results and give constructive feedback on your recording techniques. We can offer expert advice to YOU to get the most out of your studio setup and provide a wealth of knowledge on mics / preamps / acoustics / recording / mixing techniques.

Equipment Repairs

The Soundtown repair department can repair almost everything that exists in the pro audio industry – from boutique / vintage audio gear right through to the most sophisticated digital audio systems in existence.

We regularly perform the following repair services:

  • Diagnostics
  • Amplifier repair / servicing
  • Speaker repairs
  • Guitar / Bass / Valve amp repairs
  • Analogue and Digital Mixing Consoles
  • Outboard gear such as compressors / gates / eq’s / effects units
  • Microphones
  • DJ equipment servicing and maintenance (turntables, cdj’s etc)

Our highly qualified technicians take pride in their work and will get your gear back to you fully repaired, and in a timely fashion.

Please contact us on sales@soundtown.com.au or 08 9242 8055 for an enquiry about current time frames, tech availability and repair options.


– STANDARD INSPECTION FEE* $110 (covers inspection/first hour of repair) – applies to all repairs except mixing consoles and more complicated electronic items (inspection fee for the consoles will be provided during the booking)


– PRIORITY INSPECTION FEE $165 (covers priority inspection/first hour of repair) – applies to all repairs except mixing consoles and more complicated electronic items (inspection fee for the consoles will be provided during the booking)


*Minimum fee – applies to all repairs, needs to be paid during booking

PA System Installation

Our team of system designers and installers are some of the most highly qualified in WA. Some of Perth’s best sounding installed PA systems have been designed and set up by us, or one of our many partners throughout the state.

We pride ourselves on the quality of the equipment we supply and install. We DO NOT use counterfeit products. We ALWAYS use the products that best suit the venue. Not only that, we realise that operator training is ESSENTIAL – a fact which our competitors often conveniently overlook.

Our most popular brands for live music venue installation include:

– Nexo, RCF, d&b Audiotechnik, Quest & QSC speakers and line array modules
– Lab Gruppen, Camco, QSC & Quest amplifiers
– Midas, Allen & Heath & Presonus mixing consoles
– DBX & Dolby Lake processors and outboard equipment
– Sennheiser, Shure & AKG mics
– Amphenol, Neutrik, Canare, Eurocable and Mogami cabling & connectors
– and everything else that SOUNDS GOOD and IS RELIABLE

We also cater for the cafe / restaurant / background music installation market as well.
We can provide solutions including:

– In-ceiling speakers
– Wall / Corner speakers
– Outdoor / weatherproof speakers
– Integrated iPod / iPad / computer connectivity for ease of use
– Multiple zone volume control
– Audio sent over your existing cat5 network
– and MUCH more . . . . .

School & Church Sound Solutions

Soundtown’s staff are fully aware of the needs of Schools and Churches. Venues such as these often have equipment which has been installed in stages, and may not necessarily be functioning correctly, due to the plethora of inexperienced contractors who install sub-standard and inappropriate equipment into these buildings as part of a large contract.

Not enough care and attention is used when considering the needs of these venues by the common ‘tender-winning’ companies who perform this work. Soundtown’s diligent installation and consultation team can get better results and value for money than anybody else in Western Australia. With the benefit of decades of experience and being aware of the most up-to-date technologies and solutions availble, Soundtown’s services to Schools and Churches are second to none.


Studio Equipment Hire

Soundtown’s huge collection of quality studio equipment, including microphones, preamps, outboard gear and much more, is available for daily, weekly or monthly hire. Our rates are highly competitive, and we can recommend the perfect combination of gear for the sound you are after for your recording session.

Brands include:  Neumann, AKG, Heritage Audio, Avalon, Beesneez, Sennheiser, Shure, Coles, Royer, Universal Audio, Phoenix Audio, Retro Instruments, Cloud, Radial and much much more!

Acoustic Treatment

Information coming soon.